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Malibu Beach Bungalows are located on one of the most stunning private beaches at Koh Phangan in southern Thailand. Malibu beach protrudes into the bay at Chalok Lam creating a small island where the Malibu restaurant and bar are located. A bridge joins the island to the accommodation and swimming pool located just a few meters away with excellent views of the bay and beach.

A range of beautiful bungalows have been built to complement the resorts idyllic location. The two person bungalows are large with a cylindrical roof finished in natural materials and with a large private balcony. The bungalow is finished inside with Lanna style wood on the ceiling and wall supports creating a boutique flavour to each room. The bathrooms too are large and finished in a rustic tile style with plenty of shelf space for personal belongings.

The three person bungalows are built in more traditional fashion with a typical Thai style roof and exterior balcony. Again the bathrooms are large and there is a single and a double bed within the sleeping quarters.

The fan room accommodation allows guests to stay at a very affordable rate in the first class resort which is set in over an acre of grounds on the western side of Chalok Lam Bay.

The restaurant serves a range of Thai and International food with beers, spirits and cocktails available throughout the day and night. The most requested cocktail the Malibu Beach Breeze. Throughout the resort WiFi is available and fixed internet is located in reception.

Chalok Lam (sometimes known as Chaloklum)is a perfect place for any holiday the views are stunning, the beach is perfect, there are plenty of water sports available and it is also easy to explore the rest of Phangan Island using Chalok Lam as a base. The village is just a few minutes walk from Malibu beach where there are bars and restaurants to enjoy. The resort enjoys both fixed internet and Wi-Fi connection and there are all kinds of activities such as horse riding, kite flying, elephant trekking and diving close at hand or onsite.

Malibu Beach Bungalows is the perfect place to choose for your holiday on the famous Thai island of Koh Phangan.

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